If person A's email address is marked as a hard bounce and is captured in all subs, Nothing is updated in CRM. But if person A updates his email address through a custom subscription center which is then updating CRM, Will SFMC recognize that contact as a hard bounce or will it try again?

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A subscriber must meet the following criteria in order for Marketing Cloud to stop "trying" and change the subscriber's status to "HELD"

  • Three hard bounces or three soft bounces are received for the subscriber and at least 15 days have passed since the first bounce.
  • If the bounce was from a trusted domain, only one hard bounce is required.


Now The status of a subscriber changes from Active to Unsubscribed in Marketing Cloud and the Email Opt Out field is enabled in Sales or Service Cloud when any of the following occurs:

A subscriber clicks the Unsubscribe link in an email or the profile center.

You click Marketing Cloud Unsubscribe on a contact, lead, or person account record in Sales or Service Cloud


In Summary, the subscriber will not be targeted if one of the condition is met - The status in Marketing Cloud is HELD or Unsubscribed - The Email Opt out field has been set to TRUE in Sales Cloud.

Hope that helps!

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