I am trying to pull values from a query result I'm performing on the Product2 sObject and am trying to save the values from the query into individual variables.

My query result:

|DEBUG|product_query: (Product2:{ProductCode=88-7799, Id=01t1U000009Uf2IPGS})

I have tried using internal_product_code = product_query.get('ProductCode') but am unable to pull any of the values out. I keep getting the following error Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void get(String) from the type List<Product2>. Is there another way to access this value?

product_query = [Select ProductCode 
                                     From Product2
                                     Where Name = :current_sensor];

                    System.debug('product_query: ' + product_query);

                    String internal_product_code = product_query.get('ProductCode');

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I would suggest going through the Apex developer guide once.

As to answer your question, it depends on the variable type. I think yours is the second case.

Case 1

If your query looks like this :

Product2 product_query = [Select ProductCode From Product2 Where Name = :current_sensor];

then the result accessed via (You will get QueryException if more than one record is returned)

String internal_product_code = product_query.ProductCode;

or via casting the result to SObject and then using get methods of SObject class.

String internal_product_code = ((SObject) product_query).get('ProductCode');

Case 2

If your query looks like this

List<Product2> product_query = [Select ProductCode From Product2 Where Name = :current_sensor];

then you will have to iterate over the list

for(Product2 productRecord: products_query){
// Do something here
String value = productRecord.ProductCode

or you can access the value directly based on the index.

String productCode = product_query.get(0).ProductCode
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    – Richard
    Mar 25, 2020 at 22:38

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