I'm trying to understand the mechanics of Email Recommendation, especially in terms of privacy.

I have a client keen to get it working, initially only Content Catalogue.

A former colleague left a document which I sent to the client and includes the scripts below (which can also be found in the implementation instructions).

Step 1 - Collect Tracking Code Script

<script type="text/javascript" src="//100000000.collect.igodigital.com/collect.js"></script>

Step 2 - Step 2 - Set Business Unit MID Script


Step 3 - Update Content Catalogue Script

<script type="text/javascript">_etmc.push(["updateItem",

The idea is to begin to build and update a content catalogue using the base URL as the unique identifier of the content. At a later stage, additional variables would be included.

Now the client is asking how to we control this from a GDPR perspective, allowing subscribers to opt out tracking. According to the documentation (Manage Einstein Recommendations Customer Profile Data Privacy), it's possible to manually suppress or delete a subscriber from tracking, but is there a way of automating this?


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