I have set up an Einstein Chatbot, and I would like to test it in my community preview, however, it says: "Agent Offline", and I cannot get it to activate when previewing the community.

Here is the setup:

  • Enable Einstein Bots Einstein bot
  • Enable Chat chat
  • Create a new Chat Deployment Chat Deployment
  • Create a new Chat Button chat button
  • Create a new Queue (Because it was required in the previous step?!) Queue
  • Setup a new Routing Configuration (Associate to previous created Queue) add routing configuration
  • Create new Embedded Service Deployment & Activate Chat add embedded service deployment
  • Create a new Bot, and add a Chat channel with previously created Chat Deployment (This is labeled "Deployment" - thought this was Chat Deployments but it only lists Chat Buttons!? Add chat bot channel
  • Add to community builder, to the "Theme Footer" region, selecting BotAgent (the name of my Embedded Service Deployment as Chat Deployment: add to community
  • Open "Preview" chat bot offline

Other Notes - I am previewing as System Administrator - I have seen the bots work in other previews - I have added Chat User license to my user

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