I've built a Customer Community using the Customer Account Portal template and the Cypress theme. I have two images in the community - one is the logo (Theme > Images > Company Logo) and one is a background image to Hero component.

There are two Customer Community Plus user profiles. Sometimes users in Profile A cannot see the two images when they login to the community, but they see all other community content. Users in Profile B can always see the images.

I'm stumped as to why Profile A users have inconsistent access to the image files. There is no audience specificity for the compact header (where the logo is) or the Hero component -- all community users can see these components. We do have audience assignment on other components, but those are working correctly.

I've enabled "Let guest users view asset files and CMS content available to the community" in Workspaces > Admin > Preferences even though it doesn't apply here.

I've compared the profiles using permcomparator and there's nothing obvious. The different users have no permission sets

I've looked the image file record details in Files > Asset Library. In the Shared With section I see "All MyCommunity" = Viewer, so it seems like any community user should be able to see the images.

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