I have a form in a visualforce page where it contains an input number field. In the IE 11 browser users are able to enter invalid characters such as letters and commas. I have tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera with these browsers respecting the input number validation.

Image of a user in IE 11 being able to enter a comma and the text "gal" into the input number field:

enter image description here

The issue is that the data is saved to the database in this format with the invalid characters.

Is there a way to provide support for IE 11 to recognize the input as type="number"?

<div class>
    <input type="number" min="0" onkeydown="return event.keyCode !== 69" class="form-control questTxt" value="">

You can use this function : numericValidation(); for onkeydown event

  • elem : pass the whole element
  • wholeLen : number of allowed whole
  • numbers dcmlLen : number of allowed decimal numbers

This function will block out all text characters and will only allow number inputs.

For example, if you would like to only allow numbers with 2 whole numbers and 3 decimal points, your tag would look like this :

<div class>
    <input type="number" min="0" onkeydown="numericValidation(this, 2, 3);" class="form-control questTxt" value="">

Add below 2 functions into the script section and you should be good to go

function numericValidation(elem, wholeLen, dcmlLen) {
        elem.value = elem.value.slice(0, elem.value.length-1);
    else if(!isNaN(elem.value)) {
        validateDecimal(elem, wholeLen, dcmlLen);

function validateDecimal(elem, wholeLen, dcmlLen) {
    if(elem.value.includes(".")) {
        var whole = elem.value.split(".")[0];
        var dcml = elem.value.split(".")[1];

            whole = whole.slice(0, wholeLen);

            dcml = dcml.slice(0, dcmlLen);

        elem.value = whole+"."+dcml;
    else {
        elem.value = elem.value.slice(0, wholeLen);

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