I have a signature capture screen flow that allows us to get digital signatures for users. When testing as a system admin everything worked as expected but when running as a user they don't appear to have the visibility or access to the ContentDocument object so they can't store their signature and even if the signature was available the GetRecords component returns zero results for them.

Here is a basic outline of the flow where I'm experiencing issues enter image description here

And here is my query on the Get Records component. As I mentioned it works for my admin user but not for any of my users. enter image description here

I've looked everywhere for an understanding of what permissions I need to adjust but nothing I've tried seems to work and I obviously don't want to provide more access than necessary. For now I've created a Permission Set and associated it to a Permission Set Group that my collection of users are associated with. Is there a specific permission I can add to the Permission Set?

  • How are these files created and can they see these files outside of the flow, just in the normal UI? Mar 20, 2020 at 22:26
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    I'm using a 3rd party Signature Capture (appexchange.salesforce.com/…). From what I can tell it appears that the user didn't have access to the library, I think the "manage libraries" gave them the ability to save it and now it appears to be working (still waiting on users to respond) Mar 21, 2020 at 1:26

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I suspect your problem may be related to the fact that Content Documents are actually represented by three separate pieces of metadata:

Content Document represents the file in the abstract. But “real” versions of this document are distinct and have different version numbers, so there’s also a…

Content Version represents a specific version of the Content Document. A Content Document can have multiple Content Versions

Content Document Link is used to connect a Content Document to a record.

I suspect that if you grant access to all three of those, you'll get the result you want.

Check out https://unofficialsf.com/using-files-and-attachments-in-flow/ for more info.

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