Does anyone know which metadata object stores translations for the NavigationMenu component? Specifically, I'm using a TileMenu component in the Community Builder. The help page says to use Translation Workbench for Navigation Menu Item. The translation works fine, I just need to deploy it.

I've checked the following metadata objects and can't find the transation: NavigationMenu, objectTranslations, ExperienceBundle, Translations.

I've also exported Language Content from the Community Builder > Setup > Languages and it wasn't there either.

  • Couldn't find it when testing either. There's no reference to NavigationMenu in translations and I'm not aware of any special metdadata types like CustomObjectTranslation that would hold this. The TileMenu does show up in ExperienceBundle, but there's no reference to translations within it (though it does contain languages enabled). – Kris Goncalves Mar 19 '20 at 1:48

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