here is what i am trying to do


<aura: attribute name= "list" type=CustomObj[]/>


var list = component.get("v.list");
var FinalList=[];
//iterating over list
for (var i in list){
If (list[i].Name==``){
Console.log('Current Row', list[i]);// prints proxy {} in console.



If condition met i just want to access that row & push into another attribute if same type .No idea what I am missing but list[i] doesn't give me row whereas list[i].Field working fine. Need help. Thanks


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You can read more about Proxy; it doesn't stop your access, it just makes debugging a little more of an annoyance. As an aside, an easier way to make your list would be as follows:

var finalList = component.get("v.list").filter(row=>(!!row.Name));

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