I have an Automation containing a Data Extract and File Transfer that exports the contents of a Data Extension each day.

Is there a way to only export data from the previous day, rather than exporting all of the data in the Data Extension each day?

  • I believe you do have a field with a timestamp in that Data Extension? – Lukas Lunow Mar 17 at 14:45
  • Yes, it's writing as date/time though, which is causing its own problems – Thomas Hockey Mar 17 at 14:53

You have a source DataExtension i assume (if not it seems weird).

Create a second DataExtension - "Daily Export of XXX".

Create an SQL that dynamically gets the data from the last day from the Source Dataextension and fill the data in the second DataExtension. Will have a condition that looks like (assuming you have a eventDate field that contains the date):


Do a DataExtract to the Safehouse.

Do a DataExtract to convert it to Utf8.

Create a file transfer to the sftp location.

Synchronize your sftp of salesforce or your internal one with salesforce.


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  • Thank you. I don't suppose there is a way of doing this without SQL is there? – Thomas Hockey Mar 17 at 14:40
  • Uhm, i am not sure. That would be the way that i would use because it is stable, flexible and i know sql to achieve it. – Johannes Schapdick Mar 17 at 14:45
  • SQL is indeed needed, @ThomasHockey. This is the only way to isolate the records you want to extract – Lukas Lunow Mar 17 at 15:38

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