I'm working on a Record where I need one of my fields which is Number type should auto update to +1 whenever the formula filed in the record gets populated. The Number field should increase by 1 unit (or 1 unit should be added immediately to the previous value in the number field when the record is edited and Saved) whenever the formula field is edited. What workflow rule should be used here.

I want to make the Counts__c (Number type) field dependent to any of the fields in the record such that anytime the record is edited (starting from the time is was created), the Counts field will increase by 1 unit until the record is submitted. I have the following fields with the data type: Time-In & Time-Out (Date/Time), Number of Minutes (Formula; Return type: Number), Counts (Number), Clock-In Type (Picklist), Status (Picklist; Workflow applied). So, these all custom fields have been used in the record.



You can use workflow rule - field update functionality to complete this scenario. As per your requirement count needs to be increased every time when you create/update the record. enter image description here

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  • It shows error massage Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula – Debabrata Jena Mar 14 at 9:33
  • A more "modern" way to do this is via a process builder flow. – Phil W Mar 14 at 10:22

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