I am writing a Java App that will integrate with Salesforce using OAUTH + REST. In normal circumstances without any single sign on everything is cool.

But the same app might be used to work with Salesforce orgs, where users are logging in to their machines + Salesforce via Active Directory credentials.

In such circumstances, will user be ever directed to Salesforce login screen ? Or they will be always taken to authorisation page (i.e. "Approve/Deny") directly ?


According to Single Sign-On for Desktop and Mobile Applications using SAML and OAUTH, you can get your application to send the user to just the accept/deny page directly by using a web browser internal to your application. This is how the Chatter Desktop application and other Salesforce offerings work.

  • Key take away is 'My Domain', which chatter desktop app is offering as optional configuration to work across different env. – Abhinav Gupta Mar 11 '14 at 11:34

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