Is there a quick way to get a list of Asset Files that are used in Community Builder for logo, background etc?

In Classic, I can go to Setup > Salesforce Files > Asset Files, open each file record and click Where is this Used, but this is pretty tedious.

I've tried the following but found nothing:

  • Looked in Community Builder. There's no indication of the actual asset files in use.
  • Looked at the asset file detail page in Lightning. There's no indication of usage.
  • Downloaded the metadata (ExperienceBundle, ContentAsset, NetworkBranding, etc) and searched the xml files.

This information is available in experience bundle.

Once you retrieve the experience bundle, look into

experiences > Community name > brandingSets > .json file.

You should have something like this.

Note the name and then goto setup > Asset files to find the file.

enter image description here

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  • That's it! for some reason I had an old version of the ExperienceBundle metadata on my local drive. Once I refreshed, my search found the items. – David Cheng Mar 12 at 23:11

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