In my html component i've used an onBlur attribute in div. While writing the test case for the same i am unable to cover the javascript method which I've called in html. My div looks like this

    <div class="container" onBlur={onBlurEvent}>


    //some code

First off: div elements don't receive focus by default, so you can't register an onblur event unless you first add tabindex="0" or contentEditable (see StackOverflow thread). Without this, I'm not sure your function will execute in a browser, let alone in Jest.

Side note: the convention here is to use lowercase onblur vs. camel-case onBlur, although both technically will work.

Now more to the point: I have had success calling blur() in Jest on an element that has focus. If your element is able to receive and lose focus, you should be able to do this:

let container = element.shadowRoot.querySelector('div.container');

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