We have an object whose Org-Wide default sharing setting is set to Private.

When an Admin changes a Picklist to Full Access, we have to insert CustomObject__Share records for all users, and potentially delete old __Share records.

We are doing this in a batch process, but if there are more than 10k users, even if the scope is 1 it fails since we would be inserting more than 10k records.

Is there any way to get around this? Is it possible to change the Org-Wide default to Read/Write programatically? Or maybe do it on a profile basis rather than individual users?


One option would be to have a Group that contains all the users. Then you need to only create one share record that shares with that group.

  CustomObject__Share cShare = new CustomObject__Share();
  cShare.ParentId = recordId;
  cShare.UserOrGroupId = groupId; // Group contains all users"
  cShare.AccessLevel = 'Edit';
  cShare.RowCause = Schema.Job__Share.RowCause.Manual;

See the documentation for more info on sharing

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    I think this would work fine. There is an "All Internal Users" Public Groups option that means we wouldn't need a trigger if extra users are added. – George S. Mar 10 '14 at 14:59

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