We have set up a lightning community. When I access it at https://mycommunity.cs1.force.com/s/login, I see an Experience (Community) Builder lightning login page. But when I try something like this (as unauthenticated user) https://mycommunity.cs1.force.com/something, I get the standard Page Not Found (404) Visualforce page. enter image description here

A logged in user would see internal org:

enter image description here

Obviously this is not user friendly and external users would not be happy to see it. So what is a best practice around this situation? How is it usually set up?


You can do this by choosing "Use Custom Visualforce Error Pages" In Settings -> Communities -> All Communities -> Workspaces -> Administration -> Preferences

Use Custom Visualforce Error Pages

Then go to "Settings-> Develop -> Sites" and scroll to the bottom where you can choose the pages you want to show up.

Use Custom Visualforce Error Pages

  • Thank you for reply. Does it mean that I need to create my own VF pages for that? Is it possible to redirect to lightning pages somehow?
    – Eduard
    Mar 12 '20 at 7:33

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