We have an existing app running on Cordova 9.0.0, forcehybrid CLI 7.3.0 and Salesforce SDK 7.2.0 which is built using AngularJS v1.7.5.

As it is known that AngularJS is deprecated and is not actively supported (v1.7.x is in LTS till July 2021), we have to migrate our existing apps to the Angular latest version (v9.0.0).

We are trying to figure out a recommended approach for creating a Cordova project with Angular and Salesforce Mobile JS SDK.

Below is one such approach which doesn't mention anything about Salesforce Mobile SDK integration in the project:


Can you please guide us on the recommended approach to migrate our existing AngularJS apps to Angular (Typescript) based app using Salesforce Mobile SDK?

Should we still use forcehybrid CLI for creating the starter project?

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