As soon as I opened the official resource for Transact-SQL from the link provided on the official support page (bottom links), a notice from outdated appears at the top of the Microsoft page.

This content has been retired and may not be updated in the future. The product, service, or technology mentioned in this content is no longer supported.

What's the actual status of this SQL version supporting SFMC? Can someone give me more insights? Thanks.

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    That link references 2005 SQL, MC is no longer of 2005 SQL – EazyE Mar 9 at 18:41
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    MC s10 is atleast on SQL Server 2016, because it can handle the at timezone function. – Johannes Schapdick Mar 10 at 14:36
  • Ok guys, thanks. That means the links on the official documentation are out dated. – mario ruiz Mar 10 at 19:22

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