I have been using uncrustify to format apex code for quite some time and its been working as expected other then formatting soql queries but from past few days if I press alt + shift + F it doesn't work and I get no error other then below warning.

write EPIPE

enter image description here

other then uncrustify I am familiar with Aura helper but the problem with aura helper is if I write code like below

Account act      = new Account();
act.Name         = 'name';
act.custField__c = 'testvalue';

it will format it like below

Account act = new Account();
act.Name = 'name';
act.custField__c = 'testvalue';

I uninstalled all the extension and vs code and then re installed everything but still I am getting the same issue.

I would highly appreciate if anyone would help me to resolve EPIPE error from uncrustify or stop aura helper to indent code like above

  • Have you looked at using prettier which the documentation mentions? There's also a prettier apex plugin. Uncrustify doesn't officially support apex (essentially using java mode) if I remember correctly, so that makes it difficult to get assistance when you run into issues. – Kris Goncalves Mar 9 at 12:40
  • thank you Kris for responding, yes I have installed prettier apex plugin as well, it is slower and works same as aura helper but after I finish the installation of prettier apex plugin my Uncrustify started working I don't get the error now, I have no clue now that why it wasn't working earlier and why it is working now. :) – gs650x Mar 11 at 14:25

Try enabling debugging for uncrustify in VS Code setting and then in "output" window you will see your error. In my case that was a deprecated tag that I needed to change. Also, check if you specified path to uncrustify executable file in settings.json ("uncrustify.executablePath.windows" if you use windows).

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