In a CSv file I have a list of AccountId's. I am trying to determine the best way to find if these Accounts have an Attachment.

One Approach that come to mind is this -

  1. Write an Apex script to get all Accounts that has attachment.
  2. Export this list of AccountID's to csv
  3. Do a vlook between the list in #2 above and the list I have.

Am i on the right path, is there a better approach?

Thank You !!

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    Just export both tables and do the manipulation in Excel, or even Access. It's not too difficult. – sfdcfox Mar 6 at 16:44
  • how many rows of accountIds? – cropredy Mar 6 at 23:15
  • I ended up as suggested by @sfdxfox, exported both tables and did manipulation in excel. – user4947 Mar 10 at 18:08

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