I'm integrating with an external system, they will be able to send a POST request through REST API and create records of a custom object I've created in my org. I need to send to the client the documentation about all the contracts, the endpoint and all the error or success messages related to this request. Is there a easy way in salesforce to get the json body they have to send me based on the needed fields? I would like to know if there is also a way to get all the other information like the curl, the error messages etc..


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Everything you need is in REST API Developer Guide

REST by itself is just a way to send HTTP requests so curl commands don't differ here from any other. See Using cURL in the REST Examples and Examples sections from the documentation.

Errors are indicated by standard HTTP status codes which you can find on Wikipedia: List of HTTP status codes for instance.

Full reference is here: REST API Developer Guide: Reference

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