I have enabled real time event monitoring in production org and now requirement is to run report for couple of events(URIEvent,APIEvent,LightningURIEvents)

I dont see we can create report on big objects .Can someone please let me know how we can build report and dashboard for Real time event monitoring in salesforce.

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I don't believe you can achieve this using reports & dashboards. The event monitoring objects (URIEvent, APIEvent etc) are not supported for reports & dashboards and are not real-time. You can however view them in Einstein Analytics (using the license that comes with Event Monitoring) but again this is not real-time, the data is collated each night and can be imported to analytics studio each day. I think if you want to do anything real-time with event monitoring you will need to use the streaming API to access the relevant stream channel (URIEventStream, APIEventStream etc) via a CometD subscription.


You can run an Async SOQL query on URIEvent, APIEvent, and LightningURIEvents Big Objects. Then use dashboards / reports / EA on the custom objects that the Async SOQL query saved the data to.

Otherwise, as the previous answer said, you can use EventLogFiles + Einstein Analytics to analyze ELF based URIEvent, Api Events & lightning events.

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