I have found it time comsuming to click into each note/attachement and click save to a certain folder. Is there a tool that would allow me to pull all attachments from an opportunity to a folder on my desktop?

  • Datasert Realforce does this with ease, including determining appropriate file name extension based on content type, archiving files and creating folder structure for documents (disclaimer: I'm part of the product team) – realfire Sep 24 '17 at 4:41

One simple app is there on salesforce called "Mass file Download". This app Download Multiple Files on a single click. It supports Mass download of Attachments, Files, Static Resource and Documents as a zip throughout the organization on record level.



There is a tool which can download all Salesforce document/attachmets. But not sure if it can be narrowed down to single records.

Tool name is "FileExporter". It allows to download Salesforce files into specific folder correctly by command-line.

Also you can always download files in ZIP format from Setup > Data Management > Data Export a built-in functionality from Salesfroce.

Alternatively, If you need some automation then you can create custom webservice and a small desktop application. But keep remember 6MB G-limit.

You cannot achieve this by Visualforce or Apex code there is a heap-size G-limit.


Here's an idea out of left field. The app Drawloop is fantastic for dealing with attachments. You could create a button on your Opportunity record, use some Javascript to query the IDs of the attachments and use Drawloop's FTP option to save them to an FTP location. http://support.drawloop.com/lds/ddp-help/deliveries/attach/

Yeah, it's a bit out there and it does cost, but the app is fantastic for mail merging and emails anyway.


Here iscommand line tool I wrote, which helps extract documents/attachments/contenversion selectively:



There is - the tool name is SFDC Developer ;)

There is no standard way to do that, but I think it shouldn't be hard for you to develop some VF Page or simple JavaScript button to do this job.


You can download files in ZIP format from Setup > Data Management > Data Export


Use Jitterbit Harmony,

1) Create a new Target in: Targets->Files and name it AttachmentFile

2) Browse for a folder and set a File name

3) Create a new Query and query Attachements

4) In the mapping edit the code for the Body Mapping to:

$fn = root$transaction.response$body$queryResponse$result$records.Attachment$Name$;

Run the query and the attachements will go to the folder.


file exporter is giving some error so I have written some apex code to move all required documents into some x record "attachment" and from there I have downloaded all by using dataloader.io

public class uppicsExtract{
    public void upppicsExtract(){  
        // here I have some code to file "upimages" set and after below is the code 
        for(Document  d: [SELECT Body,Id,Name,Type,contentType  FROM Document where id=:upimages]){
            Attachment a=new Attachment();
            a.contentType =d.contentType;
        insert attachList;

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