Looking for a simple query to return profiles where the UI checkbox 'Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins' is checked.

Workbench is blocked at work, so wasn't sure how else I could take a look at the properties a Profile object has.

Something like:

SELECT 2FAForUILogins from Profile WHERE 2FAForUILogins = 'TRUE'

Can someone offer a way to find the above in a general sense?

  • You dont have to use workbench, go to your developer console and use the Query Editor!!! – Raj Feb 27 at 16:42
  • I was actually trying to look for the specific property name. I ended up just logging into workbench on my phone on another network and saw the field is PermissionsForceTwoFactor so it ended up being SELECT Name,PermissionsForceTwoFactor FROM Profile where PermissionsForceTwoFactor = true however trailhead's security specialist badge says more than one profile has this enabled which isnt true in my case so must be another permission? – trebleCode Feb 27 at 16:43
  • got it, ya everything is tagged with permissions as fieldname mostly. I thought you were just referring to the name as such.. good luck – Raj Feb 27 at 16:44
  • Cheers @Raj appreciate the heads up. For anyone in the future, these are the permission names related to 2FA from the UI - PermissionsApiEnabled,PermissionsForceTwoFactor,PermissionsDelegatedTwoFactor,PermissionsManageTwoFactor,PermissionsTwoFactorApi – trebleCode Feb 27 at 16:55
  • @trebleCode, workbench is a such useful tool that I can't see myself without it. You have the ability to install workbench for your own organization. Please follow the steps in its git repo here -> github.com/forceworkbench/forceworkbench – Rodrigo Feb 27 at 17:50

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