I'm finding a difficulty with de-duplicating triggered sends in Marketing Cloud.

There are 3 Triggered Sends in the System. They can be triggered at the same time by a single transaction in Salesforce.

Triggered Sends can't be deduped out of the box so I built an exlcusion script to exclude sends which happened 1 minute ago based on the example here:

%%[ var @sendCount, @sendType

set @sendType = 'Game Win Triggered Send'

set @sendCount = DateDiff(iif(RowCount(LookupOrderedRows('DE_Name',1,'DateSent desc','EmailAddress',emailaddr, 'SendType', @sendType))==1,Field(Row(LookupOrderedRows('DE_Name',1,'DateSent desc','EmailAddress',emailaddr, 'SendType', @sendType),1),'DateSent'),'2/2/2020'),Now(),'MI')
]%% %%=v(@sendCount)=%%

This works perfectly for Guided Sends, but not for Triggered Sends. What happens in Triggered Sends is that records are being injected to Data Extension simultaneously and share the same JobID, ListID and even BatchID!

Now I'm wondering how to handle this requirement in SFMC. Thanks for any hint or advise.



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