I currently have a batch job which I am running every hour. I scheduled the job using CRON syntax in apex. My problem is that I would like to run this job everyhour except from midnight to 1am. I dont know how to write this "except" part in cron apex. This is what I have so far:

global static String scheduletheBatch() {
        datetime nextScheduleTime = system.now().addHours(1);
        integer minute = nextScheduleTime.minute();
        integer second = nextScheduleTime.second ();
        integer hour = nextScheduleTime.hour();
        integer year = nextScheduleTime.year(); 
        integer month = nextScheduleTime.month(); 
        integer day = nextScheduleTime.day();
        string cronvalue = second + ' ' + minute + ' ' + hour + ' ' + day + ' ' + month + ' ? ' + year;
        string jobName = 'Self Rescheduling Batch Job Scheduler ' + nextScheduleTime.format('hh:mm'); 

        BatchJobScheduler scheduler = new LPP_BatchJobScheduler();
        return system.schedule(jobName, cronvalue, scheduler);

If someone can please help then that would be great. Thanks


You can't exclude things easily, but you can include many hours.

The syntax above runs a job at 7a, 12p and 3p on the hour. Just add the hours you need in there.

String schedule = '0 0 7,12,15 * * ?';

System.schedule('My Job', schedule, new MyClass());
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  • Hello @Sebastian Kessel. If the job runs every hour, why did you put a 30 in the sceond spot? Can you please let me know? – user3688231 Feb 27 at 15:05
  • It was the minute spot, and I forgot to edit it from the code I extracted this from. It is correct now. – Sebastian Kessel Feb 27 at 15:48
  • Thanks! What do you think sbout this solution: where i am checking if the hour is between midnight and 1: datetime nextScheduleTime; integer hourStart = system.now().hour(); if(23<=hourStart && hourStart <= 01){ nextScheduleTime = system.now().addHours(2); } else{ nextScheduleTime = system.now().addHours(1); } // rest of line same as above – user3688231 Feb 27 at 20:54

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