I want to remove a tab from only the salesforce mobile. It should still be visible in other environments. Is there any way to do this? Its a normal object tab.


Anything represented by a tab in Salesforce—such as standard and custom objects, Visualforce pages, the Chatter feed, People, or Groups—is visible for a user in the Salesforce app menu, based on the user’s profile settings. For example, if a user is assigned to a profile that has the Groups tab set to Tab Hidden, the user won’t see the Groups menu item in Salesforce app, even though an administrator has included it in the menu.

Read more here:- Customize the Salesforce Mobile App Navigation Menu and Navigation Bar

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  • I think as of a release or two ago, the mobile app has been rebranded to "Salesforce Mobile" and is no longer called Salesforce1 :-) – Brian Miller Feb 25 at 12:15
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    Yes, You are correct. I corrected it now. Thanks :) – sanket kumar Feb 25 at 12:18
  • @sanketkumar - Thanks. Can you elaborate a bit more please ? how do we set up different navigation menu for mobile and desktop ? – user2790625 Feb 25 at 12:19
  • @user2790625, Sorry, i just have checked that app manager allows to create the app for desktop only or for desktop and mobile both. Not for mobile only. – sanket kumar Feb 25 at 12:28

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