I created an Import Definition in a Data Extension to import Data from another Data Extension. In Create an Import Definition docs, says:

Once you complete your import definition, you can include that definition in an automation via Automation Studio.

When I go to Automation Studio the only activity that (I think) could be the activity to run this import definition would be the "Import File" Activity, but when I create a new one, the only option is to get files from FTP.

How can I run this Import Definition automatically?

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So you need to create this import definition within contact builder > imports

Then if the file import activity these imports are visible:

import activity

You can also leverage a SQL activity to move data to/from DEs

A query is an activity that retrieves data extension or data view information matching your criteria, then includes that information in a data extension. You use SQL to create the query you use in the query activity. You provide a name, external key, and description to identify and describe the activity within the application interface and for API calls. A query activity executes your SQL statements for up to 30 minutes. Query activities exceeding this limit display an error status and do not output results.


As your requirement is to have the Data from one Data Extension to the other using an Automated Process. In this case, you need to create a Scheduled Automation with the following three Activities.

  1. Data Extract Activity with the Extract Type "Data Extension Extract".
  2. File Transfer Activity with the option "Move File from a Safehouse".
  3. Import Activity onto your Targeted Data Extension.

In all the 3 steps, you must have the File Naming Pattern the same (eg: test.csv).

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