Explanation: Some new fields have been added to the 3rd party system and we got a new WSDL file. Instead of generating a new wsdl2apex class, we needed to make changes to the same wsdl2apex class because it is already in use at multiple places. We generated a new wsdl2apex class and copied the extra code from it to the old wsdl2apex class.

Problem: While sending data from salesforce to the third party system, the old field values are received correctly but the new field values are not received. On debugging, I found out that all field values are populated in salesforce while sending.

Example: The third party system has 5 old fields and 2 new fields in WSDL. I generate a new wsdl2apex class and copy extra code to the old wsdl2apex class. I populate all the 7 fields and send them to the 3rd party system from salesforce. I debug and see that all field values are populated in salesforce and sent. In the 3rd party system, I receive values of only 5 old fields and not of the 2 new fields. The 3rd party system is SAP. I am not able to figure out why it's happening. Am I missing something? Please guide. Thankyou.

Things I tried:

  • There is no problem with the target endpoint as the 5 old values are received by the 3rd party system.
  • Generating new wsdl2apex class with the same name doesn't work
  • Creating a different version of webservice doesn't work

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Ensure you have also updated the field_order_type_info for each class that contains the field data and that each property has a corresponding *_type_info string array.

You might have and have populated the properties on the Apex class, but without those two corresponding details WebServiceCallout.invoke won't include the field values in the resulting SOAP request.

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