I have a Date/Time field (call it Field A) that gets populated by an external system, i'd like to create another field that trims/extracts the Time value from Field A. I want to do this to use a certain Time as a trigger point for a workflow.


You can use TIMEVALUE(Field_A) to convert DateTime to Time

Converting Between Date/Time and Time

The TIMEVALUE() function returns a Time data type value in “HH:MM:SS.MS” (hours:minutes:seconds.milliseconds) format using a 24-hour clock. Numerical H/M/S/MS values and the HOUR(), MINUTE(), SECONDS(), and MILLISECONDS() functions are valid parameters for TIMEVALUE().

Use the TIMEVALUE(value) function to return the Time value of a Date/Time type, text, merge field or expression. For example, extract the time from a ClosedDate Date/Time value with TIMEVALUE(ClosedDate).


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