I created an object with record types and put a description on the record types. This works as expected when I am creating the record as an Internal User and the description is displayed appropriately.

enter image description here

However the behavior seems to be different when I am using this object on a Community. It does not show the description at all.

enter image description here

Is this a known limitation for Community (not related to this but I discovered only yesterday that overridden New buttons don't work on Community either)? Is there any configuration required to have the record type description reflected on Community?

I am in Lightning Experience for Internal Users and in a Lightning Community utilizing out of the box details record view.


I reached out to Salesforce Support on this and they confirmed:

After checking our resources, Customer Community Plus and Customer Community users, cannot access the record type description

They also provided the link to this idea which refers to the exact issue I was facing.

It does seem weird as why would record type description not be available to Community Users when they can actually create records of different types.

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