I'm trying to figure out flows work with multi-select checkboxes. At this point I can only select 1 id from the list, despite the flow debug logs showing that I have selected 2. I'm aware of the documentation that says that in a Group-Checkbox that it would only capture the last id of the value that was selected.

I have been able to get the behavior that I want with a multi-select picklist but it is not as user friendly as the group checkbox option.

Essentially, I want to be able to lookup a collection of opps, have the user check the boxes for the ones they want to update, and then performa a loop on those selected opps and update them.

Flow Diagram Group-Checkbox example Working Example of Displaying the Records Flow Debug Log


Consider using this Dual ListBox Flow Screen Component. Because this component expects a collection of strings for the values that get displayed, you may need to first extract the Names and ID's of your Opportunities using a couple of instances of the Extract Strings from Collections action available here.

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  • Thanks, want to make sure I can do this without a managed package. – thinker Feb 19 at 18:30

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