I am trying to create an amendment on the account and I am getting the following error: enter image description here

o Error • System Error.Cannot process contract because we cannot link revised SBQQ__Subscription__c anc1C0000001oonySAI to its source record. Check bat lee revised record matches the source record. • System Error Class. SBQQ.PauseApexutilities: line 60, column 1 Class.SBQQ.ServiceRouter.executeService: Line 66 column 1 Class.ServiceRouter.load: Line 66, Column 1 Class.CPQContractAmender.load: line 4, Column 1 Class.

What could be root cause?


The Amendment subscription had the wrong or blank subscription id in the SBQQ__RevisedSubcription__c field. I have updated the original subscription id in this field and it is working fine.

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