Since our Project does not use Scratch org, Salesforce has suggested to create a blank Template Sandbox.This barebones sandbox should be cloned from Production and then deleted of all it's metadata through destructive SFDX commands.This is because when a new vendor joins the team, they can just clone this blank template box and push the master branch to this barebones sandbox and just start working on a new feature.But now that I have started working on it,I realise how would it be possible to deploy the entire master branch into this template sandbox? Wouldn't the same dependency errors be thrown as with Scratch orgs when you try to deploy entire thing to Scratch org.We are a very complex org and cannot begin to untangle the happy soup.Is there any value in doing this exercise?

  • If your master branch is in sync with a sandbox, then maybe you could clone that sandbox for your new vendor? – Kasper Feb 14 at 23:13

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