I'm new to salesforce and i'm trying to Integrate Xero Invoice.

While calling the API GET https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/Invoices/ i've got one question in my mind that what will be the character limit of URL/API for making the HTTP request? for example, i want to specific Invoices which matches ContactIds

GET https://api.xero.com/api.xro/2.0/Invoices/?IDs=220ddca8-3144-4085-9a88-2d72c5133734,88192a99-cbc5-4a66-bf1a-2f9fea2d36d0

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Internet explorer has a limit of 2048 characters other browsers has higher limit.

URL character limit for Internet Explorer

"Microsoft Internet Explorer has a maximum uniform resource locator (URL) length of 2,083 characters. Internet Explorer also has a maximum path length of 2,048 characters. This limit applies to both POST request and GET request URLs. If you are using the GET method, you are limited to a maximum of 2,048 characters, minus the number of characters in the actual path.

URL character limit outside Internet Explorer If you consider browsers other than Internet Explorer, then the next limit you run into is the Content Delivery Network HEADER limit. If the URI size exceeds 4 K, the server generates a 4xx/5xx error, depending on the environment.

Source: URL character limit for Get requests

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