I'm trying to pull the components (fields/objects....) from the un-managed package but I could not find any way using APIs or APEX is that even possible ?

Here is the example:

enter image description here


Yes, sfdx force:source:retrieve has a "package name" option:

sfdx force:source:retrieve -n "My Package Name"

You can also retrieve a package using the MDAPI by specifying a package name (e.g. via the Ant Migration Tool, Workbench, etc). DX has an MDAPI option, too:

sfdx force:mdapi:retrieve -p "My Package Name"
  • thanks @sfdcfox, is that possible using rest apis ?
    – Nick Kahn
    Feb 13 '20 at 19:59
  • @NickKahn I've never seen one, you'd have to look through the docs. What's your actual objective? It feels like you may have actually asked an X-Y question.
    – sfdcfox
    Feb 13 '20 at 20:07
  • my actual objective is to find out what components in that package using apis :)
    – Nick Kahn
    Feb 13 '20 at 20:10
  • @NickKahn As long as you're not trying to do it in Apex, SFDX is probably the easiest solution at the moment.
    – sfdcfox
    Feb 13 '20 at 20:27

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