I have a scenario where I have an InvocableMethod which takes a custom Class with properties which are made available with the @InvocableVariable annotation, but I want this class to extend a parent class so that I can re-use this structure

    public abstract class Animal {
        public string Legs;

    public class Cat extends Animal {
        public string Breed;

    @InvocableMethod(Label='Example Method')
    public static void exampleMethod(List<Cat> cats){

    public static void handlerMethod(List<Animal> animals){
        for(Animal animal : animals){
            animal.Legs; // always null and cannot be set in Flow

In Flow and Process Builder the Breed property is exposed and available but the Legs property is not.

If I add a Legs property to the Cat class, it does appear in Flow but this does not work either as the object appears to maintain them as separate variables.

How can I ensure that either:

a) the properties on the parent are surfaced in Flow and Process Builder

b) I can pass a value to the parent class for this property

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