Looking to identify which button was pressed through name or id as there are three buttons in my LWC that each trigger the same function.

I've used a standard html button so i could style it in a specific way (instead of lightning-button).


<button class="form-help-button" aria-describedby="help" id="BussNameButton" onclick={revealHelp}> 

Some of the documentation showed the standard event being used with standard html elements (ie. event.target.name etc.). So that is what I tried by I have not had success:

revealHelp(event) {
   let id = event.target.id;


It is firing but id is undefined each time. Can i retrieve the id or name of a standard html button in lwc?

In this Stack Exchange thread, most solutions involve passing an attribute in the element which is not allowed in LWC

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id shouldn't be used, because it is used by the framework for rendering purposes. Instead, just use a data attribute to specify the name:

<button data-name="myButtonName" ... />


onClickHandler(event) {
    var buttonName = event.target.dataset.name;


Edit: I also created a quick playground that demonstrates this.

  • Wasnt planning on using Id, was just looking for syntax. I see its working in the fiddle but having issues in my component with data-attribute, seems to be causing an error. None the less, the currentTarget syntax does work. Thanks
    – Bobbygllh
    Feb 11, 2020 at 20:32

event.currentTarget.id or event.currentTarget.name is the correct syntax, i was just off on that part. Also use name not Id as it was coming across with appended numbers (many others mention this as well)

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