The Requirement: Our organisation works in ~30 countries and has 6 groupings of workers ("Core Competencies") within each country. We have a number of Objects with OWD = Private and we need to restrict record access to users who only have access to the Projects where the Country__c and Core_Competency__c = the User's Country & Core Competency.

The Problem: 30 countries x 6 Core Competencies = 180 groupings of Users that we need to open up access via Sharing Rules. Since Salesforce has a limit of 50 criteria-based sharing rules, we're in a pickle.

The Ask: What is the best approach for satisfying this requirement? Do we need to use Apex sharing or Flow, or am I missing something else obvious?

Thanks in advance!

  • did you try calling sfdc support to see if they can expand the limit? – cropredy Feb 12 at 2:12
  • @cropredy I have not, but since this is a documented Salesforce Limit, like the number of fields on an Object, I am 99.9% sure they won't be able to expand this limit. Especially since I would need to almost quadruple the limit, not just expand it a little bit. – JustinF Feb 12 at 6:17

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