If I develop a Salesforce AppExchange app and multiple Salesforce customers install the the app into their Salesforce orgs, as the developer, can I get customized analytics/stats from all usage of my app? For example, could I find out how many times people clicked on a certain button in my app?

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    Do you mean appexchange app ? Can you be more specific ? Feb 10, 2020 at 19:55
  • Yes, I mean an AppExchange app.
    – Andy
    Feb 10, 2020 at 19:59

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Yes, Salesforce provide tools to collect stats for your packages. As stated in Usage Metrics Docs:

You can collect detailed usage metrics from each organization in which your managed package is installed. By analyzing this information, you can gain valuable insights into the utilization and performance of your app across your entire customer base. For example, you can identify:

  • The features most and least used — this can help you prioritize your development efforts when planning the next version of your app.
  • The customers using your app most intensively — these are your most valuable customers.
  • The customers whose usage of your app is minimal or declining — these are the customers most at risk of attrition.

You can collect the following daily metrics on two types of components in a managed package.

  • Custom objects — the total number of records existing per organization in each custom object. This enables you to track how the usage of that custom object is growing with time in any subscriber organization, which is a reliable indicator of how much it's being utilized
  • Visualforce pages — the number of times per organization each Visualforce page was accessed, the number of unique users who accessed it, and the average loading time (in milliseconds). By comparing the metrics for different Visualforce pages, you can determine the relative popularity of different parts of your app in a specific customer organization, as well as trends across all customers.

Also, you can get familiar with AppExchange App Analytics. From the documentation page:

AppExchange App Analytics provides usage data about how subscribers interact with your AppExchange solutions. You can use these details to identify attrition risks, inform feature development decisions, and improve user experience.

Consistent with Salesforce’s commitment to customer trust, AppExchange App Analytics doesn’t expose customer data to AppExchange Partners. App Analytics data is exclusively usage-related data. Any potentially sensitive data is tokenized or redacted.

App Analytics is available for managed packages that have passed security review and are registered to a License Management App. Usage data is provided as log files or month-based usage summaries. Both log files and monthly summaries are downloadable comma-separated value (.csv) files. To view the data in dashboard or visualization format, use Einstein Analytics or a third-party analytics tool.

  • Can I publish my own events that can be retrieved from App Analytics? Everything I've been reading about is how to retrieve the analytics data. I want to know if I can publish custom data to go into the analytics
    – Andy
    Jun 2, 2020 at 15:32

App Analytics is the newer API which was introduced in 2019. The data it provides is mainly event-based and thus different from Usage Metrics, which more or less contained snapshots. I outlined the process of requesting App Analytics data in How do you use AppAnalyticsQueryRequest?

Alternatively to the Salesforce APIs, you can leverage a third-party tool like ISVapp which provides package analytics, charts, forecasts etc.

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