We are using Service cloud to provide services support.

Bulk of cases are created via email using Email2Case.

Emails submitted via internal (sales/support staff) addresses are generally related to a specific customer requests- so we want to automatically blank Account property for the case so they are set to correct account by whoever is handling cases.

Email2Case will assign account based on contact email. There is a Process builder process that sets the Account to null if the contactemail is internal. This works fine.

The problem is the account field gets set to null - and immediately set back to the value associated with contact. This is determined by change tracking on the field. So can see value is null, set to contact account, nulled by Process builder process, then set to valid Account again.

What is the best/easiest way to determine what process changed the value? Have set Debug logs but not getting desired results.

Thanks in advance.

  • Add an extra filed on that object that says value set by which process, alter all process to populate that feild when they do it? – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 9 at 12:22
  • Thanks - I am setting other values for my processes so I can confirm they are working.. what I'm trying to do is track down what else is setting them - so processes I am either not aware of or have no control of. We have a few third party applications with managed code which we can't see - so they could be setting them in triggers - however I think processes run after triggers so should be overriding this behaviours. I think debug logs will work - it's just setting the right settings so don't get to many logs. – user3754525 Feb 9 at 23:41

I use a custom text field named 'system log' with history tracking enabled to track all changes from external forms.

The same approach ought to work with process builder - if the processes also set that field.

This needs to be tested to validate that history tracking accurately reflects when multiple processes update a record. I will try to test that this week if I am able, and will post an update.

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