With Data Loader (Version 44.0.0),I am trying to insert Attachments in Salesforce. There are 12k PDF files. Each file is around 190 kb. So total attachment are 2.28 GB

This is the structure of my file

enter image description here

After reading several posts I reduced batch size. In Data Loader, Setting I chose Batch Size 1 (Tried Batch Size 2000 first, then 30)

After successfully processing 1000 records, I got the 'Java Heap Space' error.

How could i successfully insert 12k attachments in Salesforce?

Can some one suggest blog or steps to do it in Jitterbit (free version) and Dataloader.io (free version)?


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    I'm assuming the error comes from your machine running the bulk job. Try to increase your local java's heap Space limit. – Christian Szandor Knapp Feb 7 at 23:30
  • ...in more concrete terms, Data Loader launch scripts are available. You can write your own and/or modify a provided launch script to allocate more heap space. – identigral Feb 8 at 1:52
  • I've used jitterbit before, but the upload resulted in multiple files being uploaded, but the contents were all the same. did a test with it first using the steps in the jitterbit documentation. so i decided to make my own for migrating files. never a need to use another tool. – Ronnie Feb 9 at 19:11
  • As per help.salesforce.com/… 'It might be required to go through several iterations of the steps above to find the right heap size' which i am not in favor, too much time on unknown. @identigral can you give me an example of 'provided launch script' ? Will give jitterbit a shot. – user4947 Feb 10 at 15:01
  • It's a command rather than a packaged script, they're documented on github. – identigral Feb 10 at 16:31

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