I'm using SFDX to push source code to a scratch org and getting the following error with an email quick action:

> Error 
> force-app\main\default\quickActions\Case.Send_Email.quickAction-meta.xml
> Send Email is disabled or activities are not allowed. Enable Send
> Email and allow activities, then try again.

Deliverability in the scratch org is set to "All Email". What else am I missing?


Sometimes some project-scratch-def options are ignored by scratch:org:create, i see randomly such error with "ContactToMultipleAccount" for example

Try with a new scratch org :)

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  • Tried that as well. – Paugh Feb 7 at 18:18

Found the issue. Turns out Email-to-Case needs to be enabled even though I was dealing with an outbound email action.

Update: here's the setting I had to add:

"settings": {
    "caseSettings": {
      "emailToCase": {
        "enableEmailToCase": true
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