I am working on a process that relates to time based workflow rules and I am hoping someone can give me a little clarity as to how to approach a situation.

To give a little background, we have a workflow rule that has 5 time based actions on it that fires on a given object when it is created. Then, in some certain cases, we need to be able to go back through and unqueue any remaining workflow rule that relates to specific records while maintaining the rest of the queued actions.

The workflow rule queue provides the record name, which we can use to individually hunt down the pending actions and cancel them, but given the number of queued actions this would be a long and time consuming process. What I am hoping is that there is some way in Salesforce to essentially say given a record ID or name, delete all pending workflow actions relating to this record that came from this workflow rule. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so what the best way to do it is? If not, if anyone has any suggestions of what a good approach might be here, I am open to alternatives as well.

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In the Quick Find box, select Time-Based Workflow. Set the filter criteria and click Search to view only the pending actions that match the criteria then select the box next to the pending actions you want to cancel and Click Delete.

Here's what you can take a look at to solve your problem Monitor Workflow Action

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