I was wondering if this was feasible but i have an object that contains two related lists. Am i able to create a report from data from both related lists into one report? Or will i have 2 different reports?

A has related list b. A has related list c.

Reports Generated:

A with b. A with c.

Anyway to get, A with bc.


First, try creating a report with the Joined format. A joined report will have two reports with the same "base"/common data -- i.e. the records in the Master-object (object A in your example) but each separate report (that's joined at at the end by the common Maser-record) is about one of those Master-Detail Relationships.

You may be able to do this without using the Joined format if you are able to create a Report Type that encompasses the three objects in question.

Try to create a Report Type, go to Setup ---> Create ----> Report Types . Have the new Report Type's Primary Object be the Master Object (object A in your example), and try to add both objects as secondary/tertiary objects.

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    Yup managed to get it working, Had to enable Report builder – James Mar 4 '14 at 20:37
  • Hi can you please share the resolution steps in detail? what made it work..joined report or custom report type? – user59759 May 5 '16 at 9:36

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