I am using lightning-record-edit-form to display to users custom Opportunity form with the help of lightning-input-field. However, I am unable to set focus on a particular field.

I have a in a modal window, and I want to focus on this field when the modal opens so that the user doesn't have to use their mouse or tab to set focus.

However, when I try to set focus on Amount field using the below code, it didn't work.

  let fieldToFocus = this.template.querySelector("lightning-input-field[data-fieldname='Amount']");

Has anybody been able to make focus work with lightning-input-field?


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Unfortunately lightning-input-field doesn't have @api method focus. You can use lightning-input instead.


Recent Updates:

Salesforce seems to have recently updated the global methods for lightning-input-field and snuck in a focus method, alongside the reset method that's been there: Input Field Specification

Updated Methods for lightning-input-field includes focus.

Sample code


    <lightning-input-field field-name="Amount" data-fieldname="Amount"></lightning-input-field>


Be sure to fire the focus() method when all rendering is completed, or asynchronously (setTimeout method with no delay) to ensure there are no errors on the method call.

let elem = this.template.querySelector("lightning-input-field[data-fieldname='Amount']");
setTimeout(() => elem.focus());


The focus() method does not work currently in the LWC Local Web Development Server. You'll need to deploy your code to an org to verify.

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