If I have the object Animal__cwith the fieldsColor__c and Shape__c. How Can I make a conditional formula field Country__c which is dependent of the values ofColor__c. Example:

    If (Color__c ='Blue'){
        Country__c = 'Germany';
    }else if(Color__c ='Red'){
        Country__c = 'France';
      Country__c = 'Italy';

How Can I do that in the Lightning console??

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    What do you mean, exactly, the Lightning Console? What are you trying to use? A formula field? JavaScript? Apex? Something else? – sfdcfox Feb 3 at 16:01
  • A formula field as stated in the post – Mar Andrés López Feb 3 at 17:42

You could also try a nested if statement IF(Color__c = 'Blue', Country__c = 'Germany', IF(Color__c = 'Red', Country__c = 'France'....etc

But it looks like a case statement is the way to go.

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if you just need a formula field then you can try this-

CASE( Color__c , 'Red', 'France', 'Blue', 'Germany','Italy')
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