I am using iFrame to play a video, but the video runs on that page/screen itself. But I want that when the user clicks on the video a pop-up/modal screen comes where the user can watch the video. I have used the below code. What can be the possible changes to achieve this.

<div class="slds-grid slds-wrap">  
    <div class="slds-size_12-of-12">
        <div class="slds-p-around_x-small">
            <aura:iteration items="{!v.lstContentDoc}" var="CD">
                <aura:if isTrue="{!CD.JP_lessonID__c==v.Param}">
                <aura:if  isTrue="{!and(CD.FileType=='PDF',CD.JP_Video_URL__c!='')}">
                    <div class="slds-grid slds-gutters slds-wrap">
                <div class="slds-col slds-size_1-of-1 slds-medium-size_3-of-12 slds-large-size_3-of-12">
                    <span><iframe style="width:-webkit-fill-available;border:1px solid #ccc;" src="{!CD.JP_Video_URL__c}"></iframe></span>
                            <div class="slds-media__body">
                                <a href="#">
                                    <div class="slds-page-header__name">
                                        <div class="slds-page-header__name-title">
                                                <a class="slds-page-header__title slds-truncate" title="{!CD.Title}" onclick="{!c.previewFile}" data-Id="{!CD.ContentDocumentId}">{!CD.Title}</a>


I have done this in Html using css.

You can also write custom css in your aura component rather then using iframe.

Below is the code for your reference

.popup .popuptext {
visibility: hidden;
background-color: #555;
color: #fff;
text-align: center;
border-radius: 6px;
padding: 8px 0;
z-index: 1;
bottom: 125%;
left: 50%;
margin-left: -80px;
.popup .show {
visibility: visible;
-webkit-animation: fadeIn 1s;
animation: fadeIn 1s;
@-webkit-keyframes fadeIn {
from {opacity: 0;} 
to {opacity: 1;}
@keyframes fadeIn {
from {opacity: 0;}
to {opacity:1 ;}
<body style="text-align:center">
<div class="popup" onclick="myFunction()" ><button>Preview</button>
<video class="popuptext" id="myPopup" style="width:800px;" >
<source src="dolby-atmos-intro.mp4" type="video/mp4">
function myFunction() {
var popup = document.getElementById("myPopup");

if (popup.paused){ 


Please tell me if you need more help.

  • Hi actually I want the user to click on the video and that opens a modal where the video is played not a button. Can you give any suggestion for that Feb 4 '20 at 17:34

I got the solution for this I created a div with z-index=1 and made the iframe's z-index -1, so whenever user clicks on the video due to to z-index it gets click on the div which pops up a modal

                <div class="video_overlays" onclick="{! c.openModel }" style="z-index:999;position:absolute;" aura-id="custom" data-attriVal="{!CD.JP_Video_URL__c}"> </div>
                <span><iframe id="my_iframe" style="min-width:300px;height:150px;z-index:-999;" src="{!CD.JP_Video_URL__c}" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"
webkitallowfullscreen="webkitallowfullscreen" frameborder="0" ></iframe></span>

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