When the case record is created, the approver receives a notification email indicating that a case has been sent for review and approval. How to do this in process builder ? and also when owner is changed.

I wrote

OR((ISCHANGED([Case].OwnerId )), [Case].RecordType.name == "Contract Terms Esclations")

and Formula evaluates to true.

Case owner change email is triggering but not the case record cration email.

  • So there is this ISNEW() function which can tell you that why not simly use that function in criteria.
    – User6670
    Feb 3, 2020 at 11:56

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The correct formula would be like below. I am checking the ownerId change and new case creation both in OR condition. I assume the record type name will be required in both the case.

AND(OR(ISCHANGED([Case].OwnerId ),ISNEW()) ,[Case].RecordType.Name =="Contract Terms Esclations" )

Whereas you were checking just owner has been changed or record type name has been changed.

Note :-

ISNEW Checks if the formula is running during the creation of a new record and returns TRUE if it is. If an existing record is being updated, this function returns FALSE.

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