I have a community where I have created 3 custom tile navigation menus. When logged in, the menu shows but when I access the community as a public user the Tile Menu doesn't display. I have allowed Public access to the community and all other components used are displaying except the Tile Menu component. What I'm I missing or what is the issue? Any help will be highly appreciated.


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    I was able to figure this out. I was missing the "Read Access" to documents under the "Community User profile" For those who may encounter the same, here are the correct settings for the "Tile Menu" -Select Publicly available if you want the tile menu item to show for guest users that aren’t members of the community. -Enable Let guest users view asset files on public and login pages in Workspaces | Administration. Then, give read access to Documents. – MauMau 254 Feb 3 at 17:47
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    Giving the guest user profile read access to "Documents" was the thing I was missing. Talk about unintuitive! Thank you so much! – Stephen Mar 11 at 18:08

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